9am to 5pm

9am to 5pm

9am to 5pm

9am to 5pm

9am to 5pm

9am to 5pm

9am to 5pm

43 First Street

08 8648 6368

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Previously known as Flinders Bikes and Bytes, Quorn cafe has re-opened with a face lift, new faces and a new menu. Run by Toni and Aliah Bauer, our barista Sharon Redding and chief of maintenance, the man himself Karl Crombie.

Our emphasis is on good quality food at an affordable price.  We source our produce from local farmers, and back yard gardeners. Eventually we will run purely on South Australian and Australian produce.  We believe in clean food, so we use organic produce where we can, from the sprout in your salad, to the sugar on your table all the way to the flour in your cake.  We also provide gluten free products and can cater to your needs.  We also steer clear of GM products (genetically modified foods).
  1. Support local! When stocking our fridges we don’t think of the cheapest option, we go for the most local option. For us in the beautiful region of the Flinders Ranges we have the best quality of produce and the most heart. For instance, Flinders Ranges Honey, A father and son run operation, Danny’s Olive oil, handpicked and locally squeezed. Rodney’s eggs! He tends to his chickens daily, and I bet he’d play music to them too if they asked! Not to mention farmer Tom’s chickpeas, and the other goodies people bring in from their home gardens.
  2. We make ALL of our own cakes! And I bet you didn’t know they are ALL gluten free, and a large majority of them are vegan too. So yummy and baked with time and patience.
  3. Speaking of Vegans, Vegetarians, and gluten free bodies, we cater to all of the above but hey we don’t discriminate, if you want a steak sanga on white bread you can have it! But if you want a lentil burger mixed with spices and veg on gluten free or wholemeal bake, you can have that too!
  4. Native is not just the pollen in the air and the birds in the sky, something you sneeze and a feather you find. It’s the wild limes, Wattle seeds, Lemon myrtle, Pepperberry, Quandong, Bush Tomatoes, that are in your Ice-cream, Cake, Currie, Sauce, Chutney all around the food we make and put in your belly. An earthy bush taste with the native plants, which you would usually, zap past in a blur out of your car window.
  5. Walls are beautiful… when they are covered with local art! You can sit and stare in wonder at the fine lines and details of someone else’s imagination and handy work. Admire their beauty and creativity, if you’re anything like me you’ll just wish you could get a stick figure in proportion and boil some envy. And if you really like what you see you can buy it! Make an artist smile!
  6. Imported isn’t all as luxurious as it’s cracked up to be, did you know over 90% of coffee sold in Australia is imported and sprayed with maximum pesticides before being imported and again when it lands! We use Ewingsdale Estate coffee from Byron Bay which is Australian grown, roasted and 100% Organic. Not to mention it is dropped on our doorstop weekly at a maximum of five days after roasting, try get it better, fresher and tastier anywhere else! It’s available to take home in 250 gram packets, whole beans or ground. A sniff and taste of luxury at home.
  7. Sheds are usually full of old useless stuff collecting dust; well we have one of them too! But it’s not so old, not so useless and not so dusty, it’s another environment we are creating… hosted and energised by the lovely Paula it will soon be full of books, clothes, furniture, antiques, and all the nick-nacks in the world. All salvaged from permanent deprivation and crow poop. You can sit in there; stand in there, even dance, whatever you like. Stepping back in time, and trying to spot your own clothes hanging on the rack (the ones you gave up for adoption) opening soon.
  8. Homemade, it’s not just who we are it is what we do. Sauces, Tomato, Chilli, BBQ, Chutneys and Jams made by the ladies at our local craft shop, Scones baked daily, home made ice cream in an array of flavours stirred, and stirred and stirred and frozen, Salad dressings tossed & shook, even our garnish is home-grown. Home is where the heart is, and there is plenty of heart and home here.
  9. Inside, outside, standing up or sitting down, we have a beautiful garden area painted umbrellas, flashing lights, flowers and surprise lizards, statues and other faces to peer back at you beneath the foliage to point and smile at. If you’re lucky you’ll even see the fish in the pond. All in all it’s where time stands still and you can relax and forget about where you are and what you have to do tomorrow. Bring a book, surf the net (we have Wi-Fi) or just stare and relax a place where you can just be with atmosphere and colour to soak in.
Now if you have read this far - thank you! And hopefully I have not bored you with my ramble, here is number 10. A grand old number the platform all other numbers stand on, you don’t need anything more you can make anything of it. This point is about service, if you do not already know our staff, then know now that they are… if you have never experienced the service, than you now know that they… are. Paramount! Don't forget you can purchase more than just food and coffee, Honey, Eggs, Art, and whatever else you may feel so obliged to enquire about may be of taking home for yourself and your family.